Soundcloud Presence


GetFreePlays would like to take the time to welcome you to one of few social media websites that provide people with the chance to buy real SoundCloud plays. We are committed to growing our clients social media image through the use of the number one used music network out there today. As a company we would like to ensure you that you are dealing with the number one SoundCloud provider out there today. We provide our clients as well as our visitors with not only around the clock customer support through multiple sources such as our online chat, through email, through telephone or through Skype but we also allow people to get free SoundCloud plays to test our service in terms of speed, quality and the way you are handled by our company in general.


Our company has been around for a very long time, serving re sellers, large companies, well known artists and record companies but decided to expand a little more by offering our services to members of the public. If you are looking to trend a track within this social network then you have certainly come to the right place. We base our whole company around getting our clients where they need to be in order for them to reach their target, to this day we have been very successful in doing just that. You will notice on the ” plays ” page that we offer free SoundCloud plays which is there to be used for the purpose of testing us out and seeing that we are a legitimate company.


We understand how annoying it can be when going to a website and having to like their page, sign up as a member or subscribe to newsletters which is why we have made life so easy for our clients as they will just simply click on the service and the amount they want, then pay. Our payment method is through PayPal as this is the safest way of making any payment online. This is one of the reasons that we are the most used SoundCloud provider on the internet today. If you have any questions regarding re selling our services or buying any items in bulk then please make sure you speak with our online team or send us an email at


We can tell you straight that most of the website you will visit when looking to buy SoundCloud services will be supplying bot generated plays, likes, favorites, re posts and followers which will lead to your account being banned or even worst, suspended. Our company is different in more than one way because we are the main supplier for all SoundCloud services but we are also one of very few that are offering people the chance to buy real SoundCloud services meaning that your plays, likes, followers, re posts, downloads and comments are all coming from real people who are currently active within this social network.


Whether you are a celebrity, an up and coming artist or someone who is looking to just upload some tracks for fun, your details are NEVER leaked or passed on to a third party. We understand that you will not want anyone to know that you have paid a social media marketing company to add the services to your SoundCloud account which is why we do not share that information with anyone. For more information on privacy of the client you can go to our privacy page which you will find the tab for at the bottom of this page. You never have to worry when using our services, you are dealing with the number one source on the market.